Monday, August 09, 2004

Hart and Huntington

Ever heard of these two?  How about if I add on to the full name of their company:  "Hart & Huntington Tattoo Company."  A new attraction in the Palms casino, Hart and Huntington  is also featured on the A&E Special: "Inked."

I happened to catch the show on A&E last night and was very impressed with the idea of the H&H shop.  Try to imagine a very high end salon with marble countertops, cool chairs, custom sound system, leather walls, faux painted walls, dramatic lighting, and new stainless steel equipment.  Now imagine that instead of coming to get your hair cut, you are instead coming to have your skin permanently inked; there is a buzz in the air, but the buzz is from the tattoo guns, not from the drone of clippers.

Where did this idea come from?  According to this article:

"The masterminds behind the venture with Palms Casino Resort Owner George Maloof are freestyle motocross legend Carey Hart and the country's premier nightclub promoter John Huntington. Carey Hart is an Extreme Sports Motocross Athlete, and John Huntington is a nightclub promoter whose credits include producing four of the largest parties in America such as Club Rubber and the Pimp 'n Ho Costume Ball."

You do have to admire everything that the Maloofs have done to keep The Palms fresh and cool.  From hosting a season of the Real World in one of their rooms to creating one of the coolest clubs, "Rain," the Maloofs are constantly reinventing their brand to keep at the cutting edge.

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i love hart and huntington