Monday, March 28, 2005

5 Things to Do Today

This comes from this post on Seth Godin's blog:

  1. Don't forget to check out the details for: Seth's Blog: Please come to a seminar in my office.
  2. Sign up for an RSS reader. You can check all your blogs at once just by visiting a website or loading a program.
  3. Send a thank you note to three people you work with.
  4. If you live in a house, have your furnace checked. Ours was backed up and almost killed us all. If you live in an apartment, go ahead and get tenant's insurance. It's pretty cheap and you'll thank me one day.
  5. Make a list of the five most useful blogs you read and email the list to six clueless friends. If everyone who reads blogs daily did this, the number of clueless people might actually go down (hey, a guy can dream.)

If you know that you cannot get to Seth's office for the seminar for whatever reason, you may wish to replace number 1 above with this idea from Ideas, Leadership, and Vision:

Over and over I hear how big companies are working hard to activate their corporate sponsorships.  It used to be that a company might just sponsor an event but now they are spending more and more (sometimes 2 to 3 times more then the actual sponsorship amount) to activate their investment.

So, here is a thought.  Activate your own ideas in your own sphere of influence.  Make your ideas have arms and legs.  Take your initiative to the next level.

If all we do is talk about it, then we have only scratched the surface. We need to activate it.  Make it a reality.  I challenge you TODAY to think about an idea or initiative that is important, but for some reason has just stalled out. Brainstorm ways to make that idea into something big, something important, and something that will make it a real success.

If Seth's number 1 is important to you, then you should simply add the few paragraphs above as item number 6 (or perhaps item 0 so that you don't screw up the title of this post).

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