Monday, March 14, 2005

Mark Cuban defines his edge

From this post on Blog Maverick comes Mark Cuban's definition of "the edge"; when success = "the edge," then this is how he defines it:

  • The edge is getting so jazzed about what you do, you just spent 24 hours straight working on a project and you thought it was a couple hours.
  • The edge is knowing that you have to be the smartest guy in the room when you have your meeting and you are going to put in the effort to learn whatever you need to learn to get there.
  • The edge is knowing is knowing that when the 4 girlfriends you have had in the last couple years asked you which was more important, them or your business, you gave the right answer.
  • The edge is knowing that you can fail and learn from it, and just get back up and in the game.
  • The edge is knowing that people think your crazy, and they are right, but you don’t care what they think.
  • The edge is knowing how to blow off steam a couple times a week, just so you can refocus on business
  • The edge is knowing that you are getting to your goals and treating people right along the way because as good as you can be, you are so focused that you need regular people around you to balance you and help you.
  • The edge is being able to call out someone on a business issue because you know you have done your homework.
  • The edge is recognizing when you are wrong, and working harder to make sure it doesn’t happen again.
  • The edge is being able to drill down and identify issues and problems and solve them before anyone knows they are there.
  • The edge is knowing that while everyone else is talking about nonsense like the will to win, and how they know they can be successful, you are preparing yourself to compete so that you will be successful.


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