Thursday, March 17, 2005

iPod to iPod transfer

I've always kind of wondered why you couldn't just "clone" the music from one iPod to another iPod; I will wonder no more based on the information in this post on Engadget:

. . . enter PodShanking into the lexicon. Documented in full is the simple yet effective method of direct iPod to iPod transfer. Please note that this is not an actual file transfer, and it does have to be performed in real time, but then again, it̢۪s sort of nice to occasionally be reminded that things actually still happen in real time.

This is not nearly as slick as some sort of firewire transfer method -- how long would it take to transfer 40gb worth of music via this method? -- but it is nice to know that there is some kind of procedure in place that does not require a computer.

Actually, looking harder at the method in the link above, there are some valid concerns about the recordings only being in mono, a limitation probably imposed by Apple when using Podzilla or the Griffin iTalk.  While the name "PodShanking" is pretty cool, the method is not nearly as cool as it seems at first blush -- I'll wait for someone to figure out the firewire version.

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