Monday, March 14, 2005

New Dyson

I love my Dyson vacuum because it works exactly as advertised.  Although spendy, it seems like it will continue to provide quality vacuuming for years to come.  It may seem strange that I would want another Dyson after saying all that, but Dyson has come up with a radically new concept called "The Ball" (technical designation of DC-15).  The official site for The Ball can be found here, but in short, The Ball offers all of the great features of the current Dyson models, but instead of the standard wheels on an upright vacuum, The Ball is maneuvered with, well, a ball.  Imagine if you could move your vacuum as easily as a tennis ball across a floor and that's the idea behind The Ball.

Chances are, after some of the "newness" wears off this model, that you'll be able to pick it up at Costco with lots of accessories for a fairly reasonable price.  Will I get one?  There's nothing wrong with my current Dyson, but you never know when I might have the impulse walking through Costco.

Pictures below courtesy of this post on Gizmodo:

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