Monday, March 21, 2005

Blog stats

Ok, so here are some interesting blog stats from this post and this post (both at Corporate Engagement):

  • 75% are over 30
  • 75% are men
  • 43% have HHI over $90K
  • Most, 14%, are employed in education
  • 71% have signed a petition
  • 66% have contacted a politician
  • 50% (highest of any media) rank blogs tops in usefulness for news and opinion

Interesting.  And then this:

A CNN/Gallup Poll finds that more than three-quarters of Americans - 76 percent - said they use the Internet, but only 26 percent said they were "very familiar" or "somewhat familiar" with blogs. This is hardly surprising. But don't for a second let it fool you into thinking that blogs aren't important. The fact is blogs have a major influence on the press. Just look at MarketWatch's Frank Barnako, for example, He lives in the blogosphere because he knows there's news in thar hills. So even though most Americans don't read blogs, they do read/watch/listen to the media and THEY are certainly influenced by bloggers. Net, blogs are a force of influence on the American psyche. They just may not realize it.

Blogs are certainly becoming more popular, but these are important statistics to bear in mind when considering a foray into blogging.  I do notice that there are many more articles in many more magazines about blogging, RSS, and RSS aggregators -- it feels like blogging is rapidly moving away from the "early adopter" stage.  On a personal side, I have noticed that the number of subscriptions to my blog in Bloglines increase on a weekly basis and the average number of viewers per day has steadily been increasing.


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