Monday, May 30, 2005

Apparently carriers aren't asking for Blackberry Connect on the Treo

At least according to this post on BBHub, palmOne CEO, Ed Colligan had this to say in an interview with Andrew Carton of the Treonauts Blog:

"Ed Colligan mentioned to our surprise that there was little interest from carriers for the present version of BB Connect on the Treo," writes Andrew, "and that this was the primary reason why it had not yet been made available."

That’s a little hard to believe.  Perhaps Ed should go read the forums on many Treo-specific sites and see the Blackberry Connect is one of the most eagerly anticipated software features for the Treo, especially for those whose companies are heavily invested in Blackberry Enterprise Server, but want the ability to use a superior piece of hardware.  Additionally, I thought that all of the carriers were into enhancements that allowed them to charge monthly incremental data plan increases.

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