Monday, May 02, 2005

More MBA

From this post on the Never Eat Alone blog:

So you've got two arms, two legs and a Harvard MBA, but why would anybody hire you? There are five classes ahead of you, people who've been out in the real world with real knocks against them that are probably -- especially at this stage and in this market -- looking for the same jobs you are. Furthermore, you don't know anything and you're too costly. Any company's going to have to invest a lot of money in you before they get any value out of you. So you better bust your hump to make sure that when you enter into your position, you know something that's going to add value from day one.  

The "generalist" concept, I believe, has good emotional appeal. But you really have to be a deep expert in this world.

Aspire to some level of thought leadership. There's something about the business you want to go into (or the one you're already in, for all you non-MBA students) that you can know better than anyone else.

Enough said.

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