Friday, May 13, 2005

Be a better boss in just 5 minutes a day

This post on the [non]billable hour links through to this post by Rosa Say.  In short, Rosa suggests that managers set aside 5 minutes per day of “no-agenda time” to interact with a minimum of 1 employee.  From Rosa’s post:

In the process of developing this habit, [managers] greatly improved their own approachability. They had nurtured a circle of comfort for their employees to step into and talk to them——whenever time presented itself. The Daily Five Minutes itself soon became a more personal thing. Employees started to share their lives with them——what they did over the weekend, how their kids were doing in school, how they felt about a local news story. Managers began to know their employees very well, and their employees began to relate to them more as people and not just as managers.

Knowing well enhances relationships.

This is applicable no matter how many employees you have; start today.


Rosa Say said...

Aloha Ross,
Mahalo nui - thank you so much for your mention of my book excerpt on The Daily Five Minutes, and for your encouragement to your own readers. The D5M is a great management tool, and I truly appreciate your helping me to spread the good word!
I do hope I will have the honor of your visits to Talking Story more often; please know you are always welcome there!
My aloha to you,
Rosa Say

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