Wednesday, May 25, 2005

What if your cell phone wasn't?

That’s right, wasn’t a phone at all.

Everyone expects consumer devices from Nokia to be phones.  This morning, according to this article on MobileBurn, Nokia released specifications on its 770 Internet Tablet that runs on Linux.  Surprisingly the 770 has no phone (GSM, CDMA, IDEN) radio inside of it, solely on built-in Bluetooth and WiFi radios to provide access.

Nokia apparently envisions the device as a replacement for a 2nd or 3rd computer that a family might purchase for the home.  As the form factor is really small and the price point as anticipated to be around $350.00 Nokia may very well have a good idea on their hands.

Imagine leaving this device around the house with PDA-like instant-on capability that would allow you to immediately check e-mail, control your home stereo, and generally do all kinds of things that you wouldn’t want to wait on your computer booting to do.

More at this post on Gizmodo and this post on Engadget.

I’m pretty sure that this kind of device is what Apple’s aiming for with all of these Apple Tablet rumors that keep floating around, but the Apple device will most certainly include iTunes controls (if it happens, of course).

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