Monday, May 23, 2005

Pre-order on iTunes

You can pre-order the new Coldplay album on iTunes.  The hook is that if you pre-order, you will receive bonus tracks that will not be available when the album goes on sale June 7th.  I’m pretty sure this is a first for iTunes.

Now, do you get to download the album on midnight of June 7th.  If so, midnight in what time zone?  Oh, and does iTunes automatically download it for you?


Anonymous said...

12:33 am EST, and itunes still says "pre-order". WTF?! Is Cupertino the center of the freakin universe?

Anonymous said...

yeah... i definately haven 't figured it out yet... its almost 3:00 and no download... the album's availible, but my pre-order won't download

Anonymous said...

Finally got my email around 3:30am EST, but found out a little earlier that you can just go to the "Advanced" menu and select "Check for Purchased Music" and it shows up there. Why it takes 3.5 hours for Apple to send out e-mails is beyond me.