Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Mobile e-mail is lame

At least according to this post on Communities Dominate Brands.  From the post:

What is the messaging killer app in mobile? Even West Coast American telecoms journalists already know that it is SMS text messaging. 8% of all person-to-person messaging traffic is SMS text messaging, which delivers over 20 times more revenues worldwide than e-mail in all its forms, on fixed and mobile networks. At 50 billion dollars in service revenues, SMS text messaging is bigger than Hollywood. Bigger than videogaming. No, bigger than Hollywood and gaming, combined !!  SMS delivers 15% of mobile operator revenues in Western Europe and 55% of total profits. The most profitable service or product in the history of mankind.

I’m sold.  Read the rest of the post, it’s pretty amusing and entertaining.  I’ll leave you with this final comment from the post:

. . . e-mail is outdated, it is not used between friends, and not between colleagues. The only people you would use mobile e-mail with is the older generation at work, ie your boss. e-Mail? Its so 1990s.

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