Monday, May 02, 2005

Bloglines into Safari

If you use Bloglines (like I do) and want to get your subscriptions into the new version of Safari included with the OSX upgrade, follow these instructions on this post on TUAW.  Beware that your folders in Bloglines may not transfer over (I’ve never gotten this to work with NewsGator); the post does not make it clear as to whether or not Bloglines folders transfer.

Personally, I like Bloglines because it is platform-independent and I use multiple different operating system at home and in the office and I like to be able to check posts at computers that are not mine, but you’ll have to make your own choice.  I guess there’s really no reason why you couldn’t use Bloglines and Safari together, but you’ll have to manually add subscriptions back and forth as there is no sync program (yet).

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