Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Blogjet follow-up

So I wrote this post a few weeks ago regarding a bad experience I had trying to download a new version of Blogjet.  I got this e-mail from the author of the script that allows you to download the new version:

A friend just emailed me your article about Blogjet bad move. I read it and I found that they're using the free version of the autoresponder that I coded. If you do not want us to e-mail you, just leave the fields blank. Ok, the script does not work this way, you must insert a name and an email address.

I was redirected here to the "Awake Autoresponder" that said:

SUBSCRIBE Awake Autoresponder ERROR: Invalid Email/Name. Awake Autoresponder by Daniel Berg, 06-21-2004 © Copyright 2003, 2004. All rights reserved. DANIBERG

I don't know, it just seems that's my fault here... and there's my name on it!!

After asking if I could publish the e-mail above, along with his agreement for publishing, he sent this:

Yeahh.. you can post my email. I just thought that I needed to email you 'cause Blogjet is using my script, and that's their fault if they don't ask their users for name/email.

I would tend to agree that it is Blogjet’s fault for publishing a use of the script that is not supported by the script.

Thanks for responding!


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