Monday, October 10, 2005

Backscatter X-Ray

Gadling posted this story about the TSA testing backscatter X-Ray devices that links through to this information on EPIC about the devices.  The ACLU opposes the use of backscatter devices and likens them to a “virtual strip search,” but I will tell you that I have seen this devices in action and they are amazingly effective.  If you remember the scene in the beginning of Total Recall where Arnold walks behind a device and you can see right through his clothes, then you know almost exactly what these devices can do.  In an age where we are immensely concerned about security and traditional walk-through x-ray machines do not provide the kind of detection that is required to prevent terrorist acts, this is the best technology available for screening.

Many of you will not agree with my position, but I ask this: Is the price of your privacy worth the loss of the potential safety benefits?


Anonymous said...

I do disagree! That kind of privacy is something that I won't give up. In fact, My partner and I are writting our 1AC for Debate class over this topic. We are strongly AGAINST backscatter.

Ross said...

Everyone is most certainly enitled to their own opinion. I would certainly be interested in reading the points from what you are writing if you are willing to share them.

Anonymous said...

It's not nearly as bad as some would like us to believe -- see the clip on YouTube

Aaron Kinney said...

Unlawful search and seizure for people who arent even accused of a crime. That is all this is.

This pre-emptive "strike-first" mentality that is sweeping America will destroy exactly what this nation is allegedly fighting to protect.