Monday, October 17, 2005

Important life lessons from potty training

As a new father, I thought this post on The Occupational Adventure was pretty cool.  From the post, here are the life lessons learned through potty training:

  • when you want to do something, it's easier
  • if you don't want to do something, figure out why
  • internal motivation is the best motivation
  • identify what it is that stands between you and completing your goal
  • sometimes pull-ups slow down your progress
  • often others see when you are shifting from foot to foot, before you do
  • continuing to do what you are comfortable with can keep you from growing
  • poop happens, accidents are part of learning to do it right
  • don't beat yourself up over mistakes
  • overcoming a challenge is a process
  • sometimes you just need to do it
  • celebrate successes
  • Yup, there’s more to it than just learning not to crap your diaper.

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