Monday, October 17, 2005

Has Steve Jobs killed TV advertising as we know it?

According to this post on AdFreak, he has.  From the post, speaking about the announcement of the Video iPod:

. . . we came away much more convinced than we had been earlier that not only is the video iPod a watershed, but, sorry advertisers and agencies, that commercial TV may just be f*cked, and it’s going to hurt advertisers much more than it will hurt the networks. Jobs, with a little help from his relatives at Disney, has just applied a price-point to commercial-free network content and the price, even for Desperate Housewives, is so low—at $1.99—that it makes the decision to purchase pretty damn easy. Layer on the fact you don’t need to even own a video iPod to own the content—you can just download it onto your PC—and, well, we said it already. Buckle your seatbelts, ladies and gentlemen.

Even if Apple were to sell content with commercials, I guarantee that someone would come up with a program that would automagically remove them.

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