Friday, October 07, 2005

My most popular post

It’s interesting that a blog named “Strategize” that immediately would lead people to think about business strategy has such an odd popular post.  I Initially started this blog to provide information about businesses and technology and indeed most of the posts are about that.  However, I will sometimes post about things that are completely off topic.  Frequently I try to provide information that was difficult for me to find or I post solutions to problems that I found difficult to solve.

I make the assumption that if you are visiting my blog you are relatively technologically savvy or you at the very least know how to use Google to find answers to your questions.  In many cases some of my obscure posts are the simple result of not being able to find answers on Google.  This leads to my most popular post: Porcher Toilet.  I receive more e-mails and more hits on Feedburner to this post than to any other post; this post is also the top result if you search “porcher toilet repair” on Google.

Why is it that a post about repairing a toilet is my top post?  It’s simple really — Porcher does not communicate to its customers.  Furthermore, Porcher does not tell you how to replace the parts that are designed to wear out on their toilets.

If I worked for Porcher I would be damn upset that my website was not the top result for the search term.  Porcher does not seem to care; I wrote this post more than 1 year ago and still have the top result.

As I noted in my original post, the cost of a Porcher toilet is around $700.  I would think for $700 you would get world-class support.  The places that sell Porcher toilets do not tell you how to repair them, nor do they really even stock replacement parts.

So the ironic thing is that many of the people that find my blog find it because their toilet is running not because they are looking for a blog on strategy.

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