Monday, June 07, 2004

AirPort Express

There's this cool new toy (via Gizmodo) for all of us iPod owners called the AirPort Express.  Essentially the AirPort Express is a $129.00 802.11g base station/wireless bridge that looks to be the size of a large Apple plug (see below):

Look at the bottom of the device: there's an audio out port, a USB port, and an ethernet port.  Apparently the Express integrates seamlessly with iTunes, allowing you to plug the Express (or multiple Expresses) in behind your stereo system (or anywhere else you want music), and wirelessly stream music from your computer.  Perhaps the USB port will allow you to attach your iPod to any Express and wirelessly sync or stream your music -- that would be really cool.  Additionally, the Express should function as an inexpensive portable wireless repeater for travelers; the addition of the Ethernet port should allow it to repeat wired signals.

Gizmodo is restating a rumor that the Express may only be compatible with Airport base stations, although that rumor has already been refuted here by Mac World.  The same Mac World article states that the upgrade to iTunes to support this new piece of hardware should be out this week.

This device is due to ship sometime in July.


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