Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Watch The Road

I was driving down Venice Blvd. in Los Angeles today and saw that there was a message on one of the monolithic electronic LED message boards that hangs over the street.  The message alternated between "| Watch the Road" and "Watchtheroad.org".  Because the sign was so bright and annoying, I decided to check out the the website Watchtheroad.org site.  Not surprisingly, the site is the campaign information site for people to, well, watch the road when they're driving, which begs the question: Should you really be advertising on huge reader board signs that immediately take people's eyes off the road?  Seems a little strange and counterintuitive to me.


Peeved Michelle said...

When really they should get to the heart of the matter with a sign that simply reads, "Get off the phone!" Some people really can't do two things at once.

Anonymous said...

I too saw that sign and thought the same thing. After checking out the website...i think they have the right idea. a few less accidents and traffic might move a bit faster. Every little bit helps, so i will be on the watch the road bandwagon.

ps. i guess the sign is working beacuse a few of us are checking out their website.