Thursday, June 17, 2004

Have you ever taken the bus?

Engadget has a post regarding a county in England that allows people waiting for a bus to use their cell phone to figure out the exact location of the bus they are trying to take.  Even if you've never taken a bus or waited at a bus stop, I'm sure you've seen people standing on the edge of the curb, looking down the street for the bus in the distance; this system solves all that.

The interesting thing is that the consumer tracking was not the original intent of the tracking technology at all; the information was being collected anyway and someone figured out how easy it would be to just give that information to consumers.  You may have seen the same type of invisibility if you have ever tracked a package on the UPS or FedEx website.

What is your company keeping track of that would make your customers' lives easier?  How much would it really cost you to make it invisible to your customers?

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