Wednesday, June 16, 2004

GMail Contest Winner

I was going to update my previous post, but it's really far down the page, so here you go (I actually wound up with 2 invitations, so I picked 2 winners):

Chris Ross said:

"I have two reasons, but it is hard to say if either is compelling. I need a gmail invite because:

1) I will soon be finishing grad school at Georgia State and will eventually lose the email account I have through the school, and

2) I would really like to stop entering contests for gmail invites and not winning. It is sad! :-)

-Chris Ross"

Chris, you win for 2 reasons: (1) You have the name "Ross" in your name, and (2) I'm not so far out of college myself that I don't remember losing the e-mail address I was having everything sent to.  Congratulations on winning and on your imminent graduation.

And lucky Winner #2

J. Liechty said:

"I believe in fate, and fate has brought us together, you and I.
I, a person disconnected from the world, not a single viagra or breast enlargement ad to speak of. You, with the power of a single keystroke, can shower down upon me a rain of spam and junk mail large enough to choke any inbox.

All I ask is that you strike me with the curse of unsolicited email for evermore. (Or at least help me dump this hotmail account)

J. Liechty"

You win for sheer creativity and prose.  Congratulations!

More GMail contests to come whenever I receive more invitations.  Next time I'm thinking that all submissions must be in the form of a Haiku; just to make things interesting.

Thanks to all of you the entered and to all of you that read my blog.

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