Monday, June 14, 2004

For those of you keeping track: VentureBlog's "Who Hates Who of the Technology World"

The original post can be found here on VentureBlog.  This post is is the result of comments made at the Wall Street Journal's "All Things Digital" conference.  See the VentureBlog post for more detailed descriptions of the following:

  • Gates hates Google.  Not really a big surprise.
  • Jobs hates HP, Dell, Gateway, etc.  Not only did Jobs slam the Windows guys, but he apparently threw in this roundhouse at the music industry: "When asked why it was so hard for the music guys to make good technology decisions, he said that they were getting bad advice. Why? Because, according to Jobs, just as no top tier A&R professional would go work at a technology company, only a "3rd rate" technologist would go work at a label."
  • Fiorina hates Dell.  She apparently thinks Dell is low tech and makes its business by selling other people's products.  I think she's figures out the business model.
  • Rollins hates HP.  He slammed HP for selling PCs and printers as loss-leaders for its true business: selling ink.  Not that there's anything wrong with that business model.
  • Ellison hates . . . Gates.  Not like this is at all unexpected.

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