Thursday, June 03, 2004

Contract Blogging

Nick Denton, owner of Gawker Media, announced on his blog today that Gawker had launched its first contract blog as a marketing activity for Nike.  The Art of Speed Gawker blog focuses on a series of short films that Nike has produced and has a limited shelf-life of only about a month.  In his post, Denton refers to this Nike blog and future advertising blogs as "special advertising sections" of the main Gawker site much like the special advertising sections that appear in magazines.  There is a comprehensive list of services that Gawker will provide as well as some information on successful and unsuccessful blog advertising campaigns.

This announcement comes at an interesting time as Denton was just featured in a story in this most recent edition of Business 2.0 in which Business 2.0 tries to figure out just how much money Gawker is generating from blogging.  Business 2.0 makes some guesses and Denton seems to downplay the revenue streams.


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