Monday, June 21, 2004

Easy Grammar and Style

Johnnie Moore has a post that links through to Jeff Mellor's Grammar and style rules.  The rules are so good, I am reproducing some of them here, check out the link for further rules.

    • Also check to see if you've words out.
    • If dangling, omit participles.
    • In my opinion, I really think that an author in writing books, articles, or publications should definitely get in the habit of always endeavoring to try to help eliminate unneeded, redundant, and superfluous words, phrases, and sentences that are not really required to express fully for others his or her very own thoughts, concepts, feelings, ideas, or emotions simply, economically, and concisely.
    • Remember not to ever split infinitives.
    • Avoid a not inconsiderable lack of clarity by omitting series of mutually cancelling logically negative expressions.
    • Avoid overuse of "quotation" marks.
    • Avoid slang. It sucks.
    • Don't use run-on sentences you must insert correct punctuation.
    • No sentence fragments.
    • Inappropriate mixtures of stylistic levels in written discourse can really blow the reader's mind.

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