Monday, June 07, 2004

More AirPort Express

The official Apple site about the hardware: AirPort Express

The official Apple site about AirTunes, the streaming audio software for iTunes: AirTunes

The official Apple site for unwiring your living room: Unwire Your Living Room

The official Apple site for using your AirPort Express when you travel: On The Go

The more I read about it, the better I like and the more I want one (can't seem to get one delivered tomorrow, however).  I can see myself buying 1-2 for my house and one to take with me to use in hotels.  Additionally, I am not particularly fond of my Linksys wireless router at home, so if the Express only turns out to work well with the AirPort Extreme, I don't think I would have much trouble convincing myself to buy one of those as well.


Anonymous said...

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