Tuesday, February 15, 2005

2 great shows worth watching

  1. iDesign on Fine Living explores the design of products from names like Nike, Herman Miller, and Gillette.  The last episode that I watched featured Breguet watches (you've probably never heard of them, but they produce outstanding, handmade watches; Breguet also invented the tourbillon, which counters the effects of gravity on an automatic watch and the construction of which is considered the greatest test for a watchmaker).
  2. Born American on Fine Living showcases successful products that are "made in America."


COD said...

You missed the best show on Fine Living, The Thirsty Traveler. I want that guys job!

All he does is fly around world sampling the beers/wines/liquors or wherever he happens to be.

Talk about a dream job :)

Ross said...

You are absolutely right. I tell people every time that I watch Thirsty Traveler that I could totally see myself doing that job and that it is the best job in the world. Slightly less cool is Kevin's involvement in Iron Chef America; I think I would do the Thirsty Traveler thing and be perfectly happy with it.