Monday, February 07, 2005

Bloglines to be purchased by Ask Jeeves

Napsterization is reporting in this post that Ask Jeeves is buying Bloglines; Bloglines being the RSS aggregator that I primarily use because it allows me to access everything on the web regardless of platform.

Russell Beattie has this to say in his post on this topic:

Dear Jeeves:

I heard you're buying Bloglines, that's pretty neat. But please remember how important this service is to a lot of people out there. I spend more time on Bloglines than I have on any other web site *ever*.

I use it day and night, at home and at the office, on my Mac and on my PC, on my desktop and on my mobile phone. I refresh like a crack monkey looking for the next hit. I use it for my news, I use it to look for houses, I've used it to look for jobs, I use it to hear PodCasts, I use it for my favorites page, and I use it to keep track of what people are saying about my weblog (which it does quickly and efficiently). I use it constantly and incessantly and if it went away or was changed drastically, I would be very unhappy.

In other words, please don't fuck it up.

Thank you

I concur: please do not fuck with or generally fuck up the Bloglines service.  I realize that it's free, but I will stop using it in a heartbeat if you make it less useful or even a little bit annoying to use.


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