Tuesday, February 15, 2005


I try to be aware of myself and my surroundings; lots of other people do not.  A few cases in point:

  • A person our group of people will always get as close to an exit (top of stairs, bottom of stairs, top of escalator, bottom of escalator, etc.) and stop.
  • People that rush on to an elevator when it arrives at a floor without waiting for people that are on it to get off.
  • People that walk next to each other on a sidewalk, causing other people to have to step out of their way.
  • People that hold things in their hands (i.e., skis, umbrellas, etc.) and spin around with them while conversing in a crowd.
  • People that stop in the middle of a moving crowd to stick their finger in the air and point at things.

I am not saying that I never do any of the things listed above, but I try really hard not to; it's simply a matter of respect for other people and being aware of what I am doing.

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