Thursday, February 10, 2005


Newspaper -> Radio -> TV

Blogs -> Podcasts -> ? "Videocasts"

The price will continue to drop on personal video players, so does that mean that we will soon start seeing "videocasts" that you can subscribe to via RSS?  Probably so.  Grab your Mac and your iSight and go make some visual documentaries; what would be really cool and something to think about would be publishing both the video and audio from the same content as both video- and Podcasts (you'd have to give some though to the fact that people listening would have no visual cues to what you were talking about).  Perhaps a video conferencing add-in to Skype would drastically improve the speed at which this happens -- imagine posting a recording of the company videoconference call on the internal website.

All I know is that we've seen this before as evidenced above.


COD said...

I'm not sure that analogy works. Radio was easy to operate, as was TV back then. Turn it on, and tune something in. Nothing more to it.

The vast majority of people still haven't written a blog entry, and many of those people are still doing well just to check their email occasionally. Assuming that pod casting and video pod casting technology will likely be computer centric, I don't see any mass market adoption in the foreseeable future.

Ross said...

I wasn't necessarily referring to broad market adoption, I was more referring to the underlying technological transitional process.

I totally agree with the fact that adoption is not going to look the same as it did with newspapers, radio, and TV.