Tuesday, February 08, 2005


I love Craigslist (don't misspell it in your browser, though); I've purchased a bunch of stuff from people that have listed items there and have yet to have a major problem.  With all that said, I was very excited to see that this month's ChangeThis had a manifesto by Craig Newmark, founder of Craigslist that explains "Why Craigslist Works." 


Anonymous said...

I recently filled a position at my manufacturing facility with a man who responded to my ad on Craigslist.com. This guy is working out great. Thank you Craig.
Dana Wilson
Pawtucket, RI

Anonymous said...

yeah, that craigslist ... unless you wnat to say "Praise the Lord" or any other positive affirmation of faith and religion, will get you banned by an unknown. Freedom of speech? Not on Craigslist, the CL nazis will keep you from coming back if your point of view is too contray to theirs. I consider CL (esp r&r) to be a contributor to the on going decay of society. Or, its nothing more than a haters society, an intolerant lot at that.

Ross said...

Dude, I think you missed the point of my post.