Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Danger Quicksand

David St. Lawrence, author of Ripples has posted a link to a free pre-press version of his book Danger Quicksand: An Unconventional Guide to Surviving Corporate Employment; you can access the download through this post on his blog.

I've briefly browsed through the book and it looks like a great read (and you can't beat the price).


David St Lawrence said...

Ross, thanks for mentioning my book. You have also inspired me to use Danger Quicksand as the title, rather than the full content of the sign on the front cover.

You have a consistently interesting site. Can you use trackback to leave a link with that post on my site so my visitors will have an opportunity to visit your site and see what else you have to say?

Ross said...

Trackback is done.

I was reading through your book more last night and realized that I had totally screwed up the title on my blog post. It was my full intention to admit my mistake and through in an edit on yesterday's post, but it sounds like I don't have to now. I'm flattered that you think highly enough of me and my mistakes to consider changing the name of your book.