Sunday, February 12, 2006

Getting more traffic and how long people actually pay attention to your site

Seth Godin has 2 great posts about getting traffic and about how long people actually pay attention to your site.

Regarding getting more traffic:

The problem, of course, is in the "get." The request has at its foundation the assumption that what you've built has somehow earned attention. "Our business model is working great--we just need more traffic..."

People never say, "how can I earn more traffic?" or "How can I rethink the core of what I'm offering so that it organically attracts people who want to see it?"

Getting traffic is a little like getting a date. You can probably manipulate the system for a little while (I had a roommate in college who was great at it) but self-reinvention is a markedly better long-term strategy.

If you believe Seth’s next post, then you will have left before you even get close to reading this part.  Why?

Fact: about half the visitors to your website leave after less than five seconds.

Do you see the correlation?  If you are earning traffic, chances are good that you are earning more of people’s time.  And hopefully if you’re doing things right, then people are opting to subscribe to your feed and you’re not worried about them visiting your site directly.

Link — How can I get more traffic?

Link — Wait!

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