Wednesday, February 08, 2006


After a morning of getting absolutely crushed and overwhelmed by the response to its debut, Zillow is back up.  Essentially Zillow provides instead valuations and data on homes all over the country.  To test the service, I pulled up my house and was amazed to see the Google Maps satellite integration on my house and houses on my street with home values floating over each house.  Going further, I checked out comp data, sales data, home facts, etc. and everything was right on.

This changes everything in the real estate business — now people will be as educated about home buying as they are about car buying: the curtain has been lifted.



COD said...

Seems a little generous for my house. I hope it's right :)

h said...

i like to use because integrates how much a home sold for (pulling public records etc) with Google maps.

Also-if you don't see any data for your area you can send an email to and send them your zipcode or address of interest and they will quickly post home data for your area and email you within a day or two