Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Using a scaler for better tv

I was reading a post on Engadget that has detailed instructions on how to build a scaler.  It got me thinking that I actually have a scaler lying around (don’t ask) and that maybe I should try to use it to make the signal from my TiVo to my plasma more crisp and defined.  One of my big frustrations with TiVo is the lack of HDMI, DVI, or component outputs; I am using s-video, but I can visibly see the difference between the component video connection and the s-video connection.

If the external scaler I have works as well as the screen grabs on the Engadget post, I’ll be pretty excited.

I’d love feedback from anyone out there that is a video whiz on whether or not the scaler will make a difference and anything that I need to think about when using a scaler.  Basically, just to provide a little more info, I’m looking at taking the TiVo feed into the s-video in on the scaler and sending the signal through the component video out (I’m not sure that the scaler I have actually has a HDMI out on it).


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