Friday, February 17, 2006

Harper Collins launches ad-supported free version of book

Go It Alone! can be read in its entirety on the web.  Harper Collins, the publisher of the book is attempting to support the free version with Google Advertising on every page (yes, you click through every single page of the book to read it online and every page has Google Ads on the side).  In addition to the Google Ads, there is also a direct-buy Amazon link that allows you to purchase the printed version of the book; it appears as though Harper Collins has an affiliate ID set up so that they can get paid a percentage of all generated sales from the site, meaning that they would make whatever they make in wholesale plus a percentage of retail.

It will be interested to see what the conversion numbers are (if Harper Collins ever releases them) and the advertising revenue generated by the site (if Harper Collins ever releases that number).  I wonder what the split of Google Ads revenue is with the author (if there’s any split at all).


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