Monday, February 06, 2006

State of the Blogosphere by Dave Silfry

Dave Silfry of Technorati has posted an updated “State of the Blogosphere” report.  Key numbers that I extracted:

  • Technorati currently tracks 27.2 Million weblogs
  • The blogosphere Technorati tracks continues to double about every 5.5 months
  •  The blogosphere is over 60 times bigger than it was only 3 years ago
  • Technorati tracks over 75,000 new weblogs created every day
  • 13.7 million bloggers are still posting 3 months after their blogs are created
  • 2.7 million bloggers update their blogs at least weekly
  • Spam blog pings sometimes account for as much as 60% of the total pings Technorati receives
  • Technorati tracks about 1.2 Million posts each day, which means that there are about 50,000 posts each hour

There are a lot more figures and details in the post, so if you are interested, I suggest reading it.


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