Tuesday, January 23, 2007

ANTHEM from Intercasting

You probably haven't heard about ANTHEM yet, but you will soon.  Shawn Conahan, CEO of ANTHEM, in response to some Associated Press inquires made to mobile carriers about social networking pulled back the curtain on the Social Networking Services (SNS) gateway that Intercasting has been working on for the last year.

I've included a link to the ANTHEM product on the Intercasting site below and you should click through it to learn more, but allow me to quote some of Shawn's blog posting on the product:

From the carrier perspective, here's what ANTHEM does:

"There are literally dozens of social networking sites that need to be
presented to consumers to comprise a complete offering, and there is no
way any carrier could process so many deals and integrations. So when
the carriers started looking at social networking as a product
opportunity, they needed a solution that offloaded the business
development and technical integration, which is what ANTHEM does for
them. Through one touchpoint with us, they can light up as many social
networking partners as they want, ensuring that they are always
providing a current offering of the most popular sites to their

From the SNS provider perspective, here's what ANTHEM does:

"We give SNS providers a turn-key mobile strategy and their users a
pocket version of their web-based experience. There is a one-time
integration to the platform, and then nothing else to do except
possibly building new APIs when functionality changes in the future.
This deep integration enables a fully customized version of every SNS
partner. The SNS providers get to offload development to us, and since
an increasing number of carriers are plugged into the platform from the
other side, they are ensured high-profile distribution without having
to go through the whole carrier business development process"

You should read Shawn's full post on the product to get some more in-depth information and what ANTHEM provides from a consumer perspective.

Congratulations to Shawn and all of the Intercasting team! 

Link -- ANTHEM product pages 

Link -- Shawn's blog post about ANTHEM  

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