Monday, January 15, 2007

Zimbra offers mobile sync

I've written about Zimbra several times as a very low-cost, open-source alternative to Exchange, but I was checking out the site today and realized that Zimbra now provides mobile sync to many popular handheld devices, including Blackberry devices (though the Blackberry portion is done through Notify Technology's NotifyLink) and Windows Mobile devices.  It appears from reading the page that Zimbra natively supports Windows Mobile 5.0 devices, Nokia E-series devices, and Treo devices, which encompasses a good amount of devices and interesting alternatives to Blackberry devices as the data plans for some WM5 devices are dignificatnly cheaper than Blackberry data service.

Also, as I've pointed out before, Zimbra, unlike Exchange, works equally well on Windows, Mac, and Linux systems.

I guess I would say that if Google Apps for Your Domain doesn't quite meet the needs of your company, then Zimbra would definitely be worth looking at before taking the plunge on Exchange. 

Link -- Zimbra Mobile 

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