Monday, January 22, 2007

My electronic resume is finally live

You can now view my electronic resume that hosted on my site:

Why would I take the time to do this?

  1. It was very simple to create with Google Page Creator , which is included as part of Google Apps for Your Domain (note that Page Creator can also be used without GAFYD).  Basically I just copied out of MS Word and manipulated some of the formatting.

  2. My resume is now electronic, which means it can be indexed by search engines.

  3. I can now provide a hyperlink to my resume, which allows me to do all kinds of interesting things electronically and on paper (think business cards, think this blog post, etc.).

  4. Due to formatting, etc. I did not feel that I had to constrain myself to a single 8.5x11 page like I do with the hard copy version of my resume.

I will be adding some PDF versions of my resume that can be downloaded by the end of this week.


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