Saturday, January 27, 2007

Mark Cuban doesn't wear a suit and can't figure out why anyone else does

This is timely as I just invested in a new suit for myself, but I don't disagree with Cuban's take on things.  If you're a guy, you probably should have a nice black suit in your closet for certain occasions -- black works well for weddings, funerals, and if it's nice enough, formal dinners and parties.  On the whole, however, I very much dislike having to wear suits at all and do not disagree one bit with what Cuban says in his post.  My $0.12 on purchasing suits is that if you are going to make the investment, you should spend enough to get a suit that looks custom-tailored and that is extraordinarily light and comfortable to wear.

I remember when I was looking at jobs after graduating from college and some companies were offering "wardrobe bonuses" to allow new college graduates to go out and purchase a bunch of suits so that they had the right "uniform" for the job.  I love Cuban's take on this:

Give your suit wearing employees a raise. Tell them every day is casual day.

My biggest personal argument against suits has always been that they do not help you do better work -- wear what you are comfortable in and produce extraordinary results.  Change your dress code policy simply to: "You must."


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