Thursday, January 25, 2007

Would you miss Gap?

Bran Autopsy poses the question in regards to Gap:

 “If your company went out of business tomorrow, who would really miss you and why?”

Well, I'm willing to stick my hand up in the air and say that I would miss Gap and for these 2 very specific reasons:

  1. They make pants in my length. If this has never been a problem for you, then you probably don't understand why this is a big deal.  Consider this: if you have to get your pants tailored, it generally costs you about $10-$15 per pair, making a pair of $50 pants have a true cost of $60-$65 not including taxes.  Further consider that having a tailor modify the length of your jeans, cargo pants, etc. generally doesn't turn out very well unless you have a very good tailor (and, yes, it also makes for a very expensive pair of jeans).  Being able to find pants, jeans, cargo pants, etc. off the shelf in my perfect length is a very big deal to me.  Note that I can only find my length at, but that's ok based on number 2 below.

  2. All of their pants are cut the same way.  Straight-style jeans are cut the same as straight-style khakis are cut the same as straight-style slacks -- I simply find the one style that works for me and then I choose the type of fabric that I'm looking for.  Having cut styles that transcend across fabric lines is rare for a clothing company.

Beyond the 2 points above, there's not a whole lot else that drives me to care about Gap.


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