Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Venice Project is now known as "Joost"

Got an e-mail from Joost this morning:

Yesterday we were The Venice Project... today we are Joost!

While we're still in beta, we hope that Joost will become synonymous

with the best of TV and the best of the Web.

That's really all I've got except that they say they'll be doing another round of beta invites and they've redesigned the web page.  Still no OSX client available and the Windows clients still doesn't work with Parallels.



Unknown said...

if you got an invitation i would like one. i've been search for one in 2 whole weeks!!! please!!!

michael(DOT)staalolsen(alt gr+2)gmail(DOT)com . thats my mail

Ross said...


Unfortunately I have not received any invites (tokens) at this point -- actually I haven't received any since I got the beta invite several weeks ago. I'll be happy to share if I ever receive any.