Monday, January 29, 2007

Skype on Cingular 2125

Skype has a beta client for Windows Mobile 5, so I figured I would toss it onto my Cingular 2125.  Here's the thing: the Cingular 2125 is not an officially supported model, so not only did I download beta software, but I also but it on an unsupported piece of hardware.

Here are my observations:

  • In the world of CAB files for Windows Mobile, the Skype beta is a huge file weighing in at 3+ MB -- I installed it to my 2GB storage card, but you don't have to do that.

  • Installation was very easy and the home screen got reformatted after installation to include a Skype icon and presence control -- why can't someone design an AIM module like this?

  • I tried to login and immediately read that Skype was recommending wifi and/or a 3G connection -- with only EDGE on the Cingular 2125, I figured I'd designate my connection as "wifi/3G' and see what happened.

  • I'm guessing the login time and contact download is much faster over wifi or 3G, but it happened after about 30 seconds.

  • I have the SkypeOut unlimited North America plan, so I tried a SkypeOut call.  I'm guessing that due to the speed of the network there was a significant delay in voice transmission.

CONCLUSION: use Skype beta on your 2125 if you want to do text, but the network's not fast enough for voice.

I'm posting the direct download link below, but remember that if you download and install the CAB file on your 2125, you'll be installing beta software on an unsupported piece of hardware, so your mileage may definitely vary.


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