Saturday, January 27, 2007

HDMI switcher and cables

XtremeMac is a good place to look for HDMI cables, but in February (I'm guessing right around the same date that the AppleTV drops) they will start shipping a $60 HDMI switcher that looks to have a very similar form factor to the AppleTV box.  As many plasma and LCD TVs, mine included, only have 1 HDMI input, it will become increasingly necessary to have a HDMI switcher.  The drawback of this switcher is that it's not autoswitching, but for the price, you can probably deal with using the remote especially if you have a universal remote that supports macros in which you would be able to program the input change on the switcher.

Although I stated it earlier, you should also check out their cable prices because $19.95 for a HDMI cable is pretty damn aggressive. 


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