Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Cingular 2125 and MissingSync

There's no easy way to synchronize Windows Mobile devices on OSX unless you buy a copy of MissingSync for around $40.  Overall the software works pretty well, but I do have some gripes:

  • Bluetooth sync only works when I put the phone in flight mode.  This is totally strange, but it is a documented problem on the MissingSync site.

  • The MissingSync application bombs out whenever I have iSync open at the same time.  I've been playing around with a Nokia phone I had lying around, so iSync was open a couple of times and the MissingSync definitely did not like that.

  • For some reason all of the mobile phone fields in Address Book map to the "rdo" or "Radio" field on the Windows Mobile device -- I can't figure out a way to fix this and there's no documentation on it that I can find. The biggest problem with this is that when I try to sync the computer and the phone back, the phone wants to sync all of the mobile phone numbers back as "radio" numbers, which causes a sync exception that I do not allow due to the fact that I don't want Address Book to get all screwed up.

  • Some times the sync process just stalls. No reason for it, but it just stalls -- this tends to mostly happen when connecting via bluetooth and never seems to happen when connecting via USB.

I think I'm going to carry around the Nokia 6126 and my 770 for a few days to see how it feels.  The worst thing with the 6126 is that I can't seem to get Gmail Mobile to run on it.

Link -- MissingSync for Windows Mobile 

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