Monday, January 15, 2007

Who is the Gracenote of the video business?

After having imported some TiVo shows into iTunes, I realized that the "artwork" it was displaying for the shows was simply a capture of a frame from the show, not the actually artwork for the show.  This was somewhat easily solved by simply searching for the show name, copying the artwork for the DVD or other appropriate artwork, getting info on the file in iTunes, deleting the existing artwork, and pasting in the copied artwork -- I remember doing something similar to this when ripping CDs first started out and there was no good database of album cover art.

All of the stuff above leads me to ask: Who is the Gracenote is of the video world?  The Gracenote landing page actually gives an option for "Music and Movie Fans," but only allows me to search audio and CD information, which is interesting.  I suppose it's entirely possible that Gracenote already has a massive catalog of DVD and television program artwork available to "Professionals" that might be integrated into, say, iTunes 7.1, which is required for the new AppleTV.  Then again, perhaps there's another company that saw the opportunity to provide artwork and information in the video space and will wind up being the Gracenote of the video space.

Regardless of who it winds up being, I sure hope that the technology gets implemented quickyl because the solution I'm using now is most certainly sub-optimal.


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