Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Are you screwed?

Rands in Repose has a great post about what you can do is you are screwed.  From the post:

The state of being screwed is unique. You know when things are going smoothly because you can arrive in the morning and quietly sip your hot beverage until your first meeting at 11am. Screwed is the opposite. Screwed is being accosted the moment you walk out of the elevator and being unable to even check your mail... until Winter.

Screwed is mental paralysis.

Screwed is career panic.

Screwed is also an opportunity to hit it out of the park. Overcoming screwed will give you confidence, experience, and respect, but you need to figure out how screwed you actually are and then then figure out and how to fix it. If you aren't interested in unscrewing yourself, I'd suggest this article is not for you. I'm assuming you've have passion regarding your professional career. You want to do more. You want make more money and, if it all works out well, you want to change the world.

Even more worthwhile are the examples that Rands goes through to guide you through various situations in which you may be screwed; he evaluates each situation with a measure of "Screwedness" and provides tips and solutions for overcoming each problem.

Good stuff with great verbiage.


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