Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Blackberry Frustrations

I use a Blackberry for e-mail while I travel.  My biggest issue with Blackberries is the fact that they do not real-time sync my e-mail deletions; I have to cradle the thin when I get back to the office to synchronize all my e-mails.  That gets to be especially frustrating when I find myself in a situation like I'm in now:  My mailbox is full and exchange won't let me send any more e-mails until I get rid of some in my Inbox.  I know what is causing the problem, I can see the numerous very large attachments I have recently received.  Of course, I have tried to dial in with my modem, but I keep getting booted.  I have tried using the free Internet in my hotel room, but my VPN software won't authenticate and my company has not enabled Outlook Web Access or IMAP.  I can jack my computer into my Nextel, but that's really, really slow.

I'm essentially left with 2 options:

(1) Go find a Starbucks and connect wirelessly; my VPN software always authenticates at Starbucks.

(2) Call the company tech support line and have them increase the size of my mailbox.

I don't find either solution particularly elegant, but I have a feeling I'm going to go with option 1.

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