Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Cool FedEx RSS Tool

Ben Hammersley has information on how to track your FedEx packages through RSS.  Essentially you just put your tracking number at the end of this URL:


Then subscribe to the URL as a RSS feed to track your package.  Hammersley also provides a copy of the source code for those of you do-it-yourselfers.

How long before UPS/FedEx/DHL start providing this as a standard service?  Do the shipping companies even know what RSS is?

What I love about this is that the shipping status information is being pushed to me; I don't have to go to the site, paste in the number, and drill down to the status.


kat said...

Hi there,

A DHL employee here to say we're well aware of RSS. Just a matter of time. We have a multi-million $ IT division that is well involved with these and other technologies.

Glad to see someone out there takes an interest.


GraceFE said...

This is interesting! Old school meets new school. It's great that new technology is being incorporated into things we are so used to doing. This certainly makes it a lot easier to track your packages. Thanks for the info!